Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are the complete songs able to be played on the download site instead of just 30-second samples?
We are primarily interested in letting everyone hear and enjoy these recordings, and allowing the listener to become familiar with the entire song.

2. Why are the full songs offered as free downloads, but there is a small fee for the Resource Packs?
Basically two reasons: a) none of these recordings have huge production budgets so our overhead expenses are minimal,
and b) our goal is to get these recordings in as many hands as possible. The Resource Packs contain various companion materials, such as accompaniment tracks and chord sheets, to enable you to use the song in your own music ministry repertoire, and are much less expensive than most other accompaniment tracks. Purchasing a Resource Pack also conveys the necessary copyright permission needed to sing or record the song.

3.  What kinds of things can I do with an mp3 song download?
You can download the mp3 file to your computer, sync it to your iPod, iPhone or other portable player, play it on your laptop or desktop PC, email it to friends as an attachment, or save it as a WAV file and burn it to a CD. You will be pleasantly surprised to see all of the correct metadata displaying as well. You are also permitted to make unlimited copies of the song for yourself or others, and to distribute the song however you like (how's that for flexibility?)

4. Why am I unable to download directly to my iPhone?
Because iOS (and Android, and Blackberry...) devices don't yet have native zip support, so they don't have a way to unzip the albums you download. For now, you will need to download to your computer and then sync to the device. (NOTE: You should still be able to hit the play button on any of the audio files and listen to them on your iPhone.)

5. Are there any copyright restrictions on these song downloads?
Not really...we own the songs and the recordings and we are granting you permission to use them however you like, provided full copyright credit is given whenever possible. You may use them freely for non-commercial ministry purposes, and may also distribute your own recordings of these songs, provided there is no charge. Standard mechanical licensing royalty rates and provisions apply in all other situations. If you have an unusual circumstance, just get in touch with me to discuss.

6. Are accompaniment tracks available in other keys?
Yes and no, depending on the method that was used to produce the original recording, and the specific audio format of the underlying music file. If you are interested in downloading a different key for a particular song, let me know and I will see what can be done.

7. Why can't I navigate back to this site once I'm on the music download site?
The Bandcamp site doesn't automatically hotlink back to this site, although they have provided me with detailed instructions on how to set it up myself, and I hope to make it a priority soon. In the meantime, you will simply need to bookmark this site as one of your favorites, no biggie, OK?

8. Why are all of the resource materials for a song combined in a "digital album" instead of offered individually?
The purpose of the Bandcamp download site is digital music distribution, however, they agree to embed a limited number of "bonus materials" with a song download as part of the digital album contents. Down the road, I may be able to offer another method of offering downloads for specific materials apart from these Resource Pack albums.

9. The songs don't seem to be listed in any particular order on the download site, can they be sorted?
Unfortunately, at the present time, they are listed according to release date only and cannot be sorted any other way. Bandcamp is reportedly working on this issue and may offer an alternative soon.

Last update 12/19/12

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